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Why Join?

Your credit union wants to help you meet your financial goals. Savings plan are available at the credit union including Christmas and Vacation Club accounts. Members can borrow from the credit union. Credit unions traditionally have been the best place to get a loan. Interest rates are usually lower than those offered by other lenders. And since credit unions consider one's character as well as collateral, it often is easier to get a credit union loan. You'll also find other services consumer financial services to help you secure a financially sound future. All VA Employees & Volunteers, P&G Employees and their close family members are eligible to become members. 

To find out more, inquire at the Credit Union on the 3rd Floor of the VA Medical Center or email info@icfecu.com.

Merger Question & Answers

As many of our member may have been hearing, the Board of Directors is considering a merger proposal with the Federal Employees Credit Union in Des Moines. Below are some questions and answers for you.

How will this proposal affect the members at FECU?

If this merger proposal is accepted by the members of our Credit Union, there will be an expansion in services offered at FECU. The Federal Employees Credit Union (Des Moines) maintains an interactive website at www.fecuiowa.org with a complete list of services offered. The website www.fecuiowa.org also offers online banking to it customers.  

How will this proposal affect the staff at FECU?

If this merger proposal is accepted by the members of our Credit Union, current staff would remain with the Credit Union.

 Will the Iowa City branch office be closed?

FECU (Des Moines) is not looking to close the branch office in Iowa City. FECU (Des Moines) currently maintains three locations and is looking to expand itsí service offerings to members in a fourth location in Iowa City.

 Will fees go up?

The current fee schedule will change to match that of FECU (Des Moines).

 When merger talks first began, which side initiated them?

The Board of Directors for FECU (Des Moines) initiated merger discussions due to very close similarities in member base and size.

 What are the benefits of this proposal?

Our members would be offered an expansion of services while the two Credit Unions use their synergies to streamline processes and procedures. Our current staff would also have improved resources for education, benefits and flexibility. The membership of both credit unions would continue to receive the superior personal service and quality financial products they have come to expect from their credit union.

 What is the procedure for a merger of Credit Unions?

The two merging Credit Unions must discuss many other specifics and work to develop a merger plan. The Credit Union Division and the Iowa Credit Union League offers assistance in developing this plan and the Credit Union Division must provide written approval of any plans formed. After the two Credit Unions come up with a plan and have the plan approved by the Credit Union Division, the members of FECU will have an opportunity to openly discuss the merger and to vote on the merger plan.

Who can I contact with further questions?

            Name/Position                                      Preferred contact method

Marsha Harney, Chairperson                           Zidibu@aol.com

Scott Foster, Vice Chairperson                       scott.foster@va.gov

Kim Orth, CFO                                                   kalogan81@hotmail.com

Molly Zastrow, Acting CU Manager                 clint_molly@msn.com

Lori Swailes, Secretary                                     lori.swailes@med.va.gov

Julie Bartholomew, Audit Committee              gradevole@live.com

Jim Ebel, Audit Committee                              james.ebel@va.gov

Joann Page, Audit Committee                        joann.page@med.va.gov

Joe Goedken, Credit Committee                    (319) 338-0581 ext. 5316

Jim St. John, Credit Committee                      jmstjohn@lcom.net

Margaret Simons, Credit Committee             margaret.simons@va.gov


Contact Information

VA Medical Center

601 Hwy 6W Room 3W08

Iowa City, IA  52246

Telephone (319) 354-1813

VA Extension 7990

Fax (319) 354-0947

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Monday - Thursday 10:30am - 3:30pm

Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm


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